S. Horvath, A. Ahlemeyer-Stubbe

Intelligent profiles and segments equals pure power for business: Combining profiles, segments and predictive analytics

in Applied Marketing Analytics, Volume 2, Number 1, 2016, Henry Stewart Publications, Winter 2015-16


Business is excellent. Customers are more than loyal, they’re in love with the brand. Marketing campaigns regularly bring good results and new customers. Innovative products precisely meet current needs. Who wouldn’t like to say such things about his company?

The way to get to this nirvana leads through thoughtful consolidation and analysis of all relevant information about customers and prospects in order to calculate profiles and segments – and to extrapolate them into the future.

This article explains how the combination of profiles and segments with predictive analytics, including its various applications, provides indispensable fuel for daily business and will increase client’s benefits.


Intelligent Profiles, Intelligent Segments, Automated Predictive Models, Predictive Modeling, Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, Imputation